How to Tell If a Vietnamese Girl Likes You

How to Tell If a Vietnamese Girl Likes You

How to tell if a Vietnamese girl is into you can be somewhat difficult if you do not know how to read her body language. In order to get the answer to this question you will have to pay close attention to how she acts around you. There are some subtle signs that show that she is flirting with you but you will not know what they are until you try them. How to tell if a Vietnamese girl likes you starts with noticing the way she dresses.

The following signs can be present if a Vietnamese woman likes you:

  • Hairs playing
  • Smiles
  • Touching You lightly

Touching Her Hair

If a Vietnamese woman is fond of you, she will sometimes put her hair up in a ponytail and run it across her face while talking to you or when you are talking to her. Many Vietnamese women like to style their hair and if they do this with your face they will subconsciously make you pay more attention to them. Many people that know how to tell if a Vietnamese girl likes you have said that the first time they saw their girlfriend do this, they were smitten by her beauty and wanted to get a closer look.

Touching Her Feet

Many Vietnam ladies like to wear sandals but most would not ever put their feet in theirs. If a woman wears very high-heeled shoes, she is considered less of a lady than a lady who wears flat-heeled shoes. Most men find it unappealing to look at a lady who doesn’t know how to dress. Many Vietnamese women still wear their old school wedding shoes and although the heeled shoes are traditional, there is nothing wrong with her wearing the flat ones. Most of the time it is not seen as inappropriate for Vietnam women to wear flats even if it is not their favorite style of shoe.

Eye Contact

The most important way to see if a Vietnamese girl is interested in you or not is to keep your eyes on her. Although you can use other hand gestures and facial expressions when talking to her, eye contact is the best way. It’s also very important that you don’t shy away from her eyes. Look into her eyes when you speak to her and be attentive. When you have to make eye contact, you should move your head as if you are considering what she may say. If you look away, then she will most likely become distracted and you won’t be able to pick up on her signals.

Body Language

When you are talking to her, you should also pay attention to what she is doing with her body language. A lot of men get overwhelmed by the attractiveness of a woman and they do not realize that she may be shy when it comes to body language.

In order to determine her body language, you can simply lean back while you are talking to her and see what her reactions are. She should be facing you with her shoulders back and her mouth open slightly. If she is sitting or standing with her legs apart, she may be attracted to you. If she is sitting with her knees crossed, then she is looking at the floor.

Vietnamese Women’s Short Strides

When speaking to a Vietnamese woman, you should notice how her feet are always pointed. This is called the “vaat trung” which means “three steps.” This is an important trait that often times will reveal whether a girl likes you or not.

The Best Way To Assess Her Body Language

One of the best ways to determine how a Vietnamese woman is feeling about you is with her body language. You will need to make sure that she is open and comfortable. When you first meet her, do not rush into anything, just take your time. If she gets agitated, does not sit still, or makes eye contact frequently, then you should probably take a pass. There are a lot of women in Vietnam who are shy and will not speak much to anyone, so watch her body language carefully. If you notice that she is having an off schedule when it comes to meeting with people, or if she seems like she is nervous and tense, then she may not be as into you as you think.