Dating a Vietnamese Girl

dating vietnamese women

Dating a Vietnamese Girl

How to Start Dating Vietnamese Women


When dating Vietnamese women you need to know that first and foremost she is an individual with her own thoughts, beliefs, needs and wants. You probably grew up in two totally different worlds, with totally different cultural and social norms. However, if your really looking forward to enjoying any kind of dating success when dating a Vietnamese lady, there are a few very important dos and don’t which you should always keep in mind. I will try and go over some of the key areas which can affect the success you have with a Vietnamese lady. Hopefully by the time you finish reading this article, you will be able to apply these skills to dating Vietnamese women.

The first thing you need to know if you want to get the best chance of dating Vietnamese women is that they absolutely love men who are from another country. The first time you meet her it is highly recommended that you completely avoid taking her for a drink or dinner. Instead, sit outside in the garden and talk to her. Although she may not reply in a language you understand, if you keep on talking in Vietnamese, she will eventually start coming back to you.


Secondly, you should learn Vietnamese culture very well. This means not only knowing how to speak the language but also getting into the roots of everyday life in Vietnam. This will make you far more appealing to any potential girlfriend. Learning the country’s history, for example, can give you a very valuable insight into why she loves you so much.


Remember to introduce yourself completely and honestly to any girl you are interested in dating as you do with every other girl. Never try to put her up or down, and don’t ask her too many personal questions. In the end it will be her choice whether to go out with you or not, so the least you can do is to be genuine. If you go out with a girl and everything seems okay then you can get her number and call her later on.


Although you may find that Vietnamese women are very different from American women in a lot of ways, there are some similarities between the two. One of them is that both are passionate about their careers and both love to work hard at what they are passionate about. It is therefore important that you keep this fact in mind while dating Vietnamese women. If you have something that drives you then stick to it no matter what. That way it will be easier for you to make your first date successful.


Like American women, Vietnamese women are also highly educated. Therefore, you must know some common facts about Vietnamese girls in order to be more successful in dating Vietnamese women. The first one is that both men and women here to learn English when they grow up. This is because English is their primary language and as such they are forced to learn it as soon as they can in order to get a job in the country.


In terms of dating Vietnamese women, the only difference between them and American women is the cultural aspect. The Vietnamese culture does not support any notion of the man bringing the girl home to his family after dating her. This is why it is better for you to just catch a Vietnamese girl during the course of the first date itself and introduce her to your family members. In that way you will get a good relationship going with your Vietnamese girl as well as her will get introduced to her family.


Another way to get married to a Vietnamese girl is to get married to one of her sisters. A Vietnamese girl will allow her sisters to come and stay with her when she is not at home. However, this might not be possible in your situation. If that is the case then you just have to settle for getting married to one of her sisters so that you will at least get to know her better.