Why Every Woman Likes Japanese Brides

Why Every Woman Likes Japanese Brides

For centuries, the Japanese people have practiced a tradition of marrying young women from their country of origin and raising them as their daughters, Japanese brides. The historical roots back to the 7th Century AD indicate that this was an already existing custom in Japan. Although there are a wide variety of reasons why a Japanese man chooses a foreign woman as his bride, there is one thing common among all – they want her to become a Japanese wife. Yes, Japanese brides are considered as Japanese nationals by law.

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However, the truth is that the reasons for Japanese brides are not solely motivated by nationality. There are several reasons that drive men and young women to Japan to wed a foreign woman. One of the common reasons for these marriages is the simple desire to start a new life in a different culture. Japan has an interesting culture – one steeped in the feudal era, Samurai, and Buddhist philosophy.


In fact, Japanese brides are not only seen as symbolic as well as significant women in Japan. They are also regarded as highly respected members of the Japanese society. Unlike western women, Japanese women are expected to stay at home. Japanese brides have to be a good housewife first and foremost, before she can even get married. It’s because of this that they have to prove themselves worthy of their husband’s time and attention enough to make him see that she is worthy of marriage.


Another reason why Japanese women are considered to be so valuable is because, unlike western women, Japanese women are allowed to keep their own husbands once they reach the age of 18. This means that they don’t have to immediately give up their citizenship to live in Japan. If a Japanese bride is not contented with her husband, she has the option to still marry another man and live in Japan as a single woman. This is considered to be very normal in Japan, unlike the case of the western women who would forever be considered a slave.


On the other hand, there are several factors that make Japanese women so desirable to their husbands. For one thing, Japanese brides are considered to be very feminine and submissive. They are always the first to say “I’m sorry” and “I love you”, which is more than what a western woman could ever do for her husband. A Japanese girl will always be willing to please her husband no matter what. She will do anything in order to keep him happy.


The next important factor about Japanese brides is that they are considered to be incredibly beautiful. Their beauty is second to none, and every western woman who has ever tied the knot with a Japanese man has candidly stated that their engagement was because of their beautiful Japanese wives. It’s really that simple. When it comes to marrying a Japanese woman, every woman is searching for the perfect partner and that involves having the most beautiful one around.


Finally, Japanese brides are considered to be extremely obedient. Not only are they highly respectful of their Japanese husbands, but they follow every command given to them without question. When it comes to Japanese weddings, every woman is considered to be an extension of her husband’s. This is why Japanese brides absolutely love their Japanese husbands and consider them their best friend.


Now that we have discussed all these important things regarding Japanese girls, let us take a look at how exactly a typical Japanese wedding is. A wedding in the Japanese culture traditionally begins with a ceremony at the home of the groom. After this, the bride and groom are escorted down the aisle by their parents, and there are traditional ceremonies involving the joining of the two families. Only a son may be allowed to marry the princess, and if the husband would like to have a daughter, he must first win the hand of the girl he wishes to marry. The wedding itself is a very beautiful, joyous occasion and is full of ceremony and tradition. To experience these qualities in your own wedding will truly be a once in a lifetime affair, for you and your new partner.