Traditions That Are Unique to the Armenian Brides

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Traditions That Are Unique to the Armenian Brides

What do the young women of an Armenian culture look for in a suitor? What are the cultural norms for an Armenian bride? What are the standards of beauty that an Armenian bride uphold? How much should one care about the physical appearance of a future bride? These are all important questions, but they can be easily addressed by knowing where a bride from an Armenian background fits into the marrying culture.


What is the cultural attitude of Armenian brides towards their outward appearance? The first thing that comes to mind is that an Armenian bride will wear whatever she wants, but the truth is that an Armenian bride, like any other bride for that matter, has a certain set of expectations regarding her wedding. Generally, they grow up in sexist families where the father is the leader and the mother is the follow-girl. Consequently, when it comes to clothing choices, the first choice an Armenian bride makes is whether or not she should wear a red dress.


There are a number of reasons why a lot of these brides choose to wear a red dress, and not just because they are cultural Armenian brides. The most common reason why Armenian women choose to wear red is that it is believed that it is a sign of fertility. In many cultures, a bride who wears a red dress is said to be possessed of good fortune and to be in a prosperous relationship. Additionally, the color red is believed to be lucky for the person wearing it, which is also another reason why women wear it on their wedding day. However, these dating sites have their own definition of what a perfect wedding is, so it is up to you as the potential groomsman to decide whether you think that wearing red is a good idea.


As mentioned earlier, culture plays a very big role when it comes to dressing up for an Armenian wedding. This is because in the olden days, the bride used to wear a red dress so as to draw attention to her best assets. Today, the red dress has become more of a symbol of good luck. For example, when an Armenian bride wears a bright red dress, her hands and feet are decorated with rosary beads, which are believed to protect her from evil spirits. Another custom that is believed to be originated from the olden days is that the groom’s eyes should be opened when the bride opens her arms. This is meant to foreshadow the idea that the couple is about to enter into a marital contract and that the eyes must be open so that they can share a holy and blessed union.


Perhaps the most famous customs associated with Armenian bridal attire is the bridal veil, which is considered to be an inseparable aspect of any Armenian wedding. The veil covers the hair and the face of the bride until she is ready to walk down the aisle. It is important for a bride to consider her personality when choosing her own veil, as not all people wear them. In fact, many women consider it inappropriate to wear a veil if they are not religious. There are, however, many attractive Armenian mail-order brides who are willing to wear their bridal veils (or none at all) if the groom pays for the whole wedding. This is a practice that is frowned upon by some traditionalists, but which has endured because, in their eyes, it upholds the cultural values of Armenian culture.


While the traditions of Armenian weddings are long gone, the customs that surround them are still quite strong. For example, the customary way for an Armenian woman to offer her hand in marriage to her husband-to-be is referred to as “tamarial” and it usually takes place outside the house. Men rarely offer their ring to women during the traditional courtship process, but an Armenian woman does sometimes need to do so if she is interested in marrying someone other than her husband. If a man does offer his ring to an Armenian woman during the courtship process, he is usually being generous, as most men in the traditionally Armenian culture hold a very high position in the society.


Another tradition that is different only among the ordinary Armenian girls is that, after a wedding, the typical Armenian brides will stay in her family home and cook for their entire family. This is because Armenian girls are deeply religious and the wedding ceremony is considered a sacrosanct event that cannot be extended to anyone else. When a bride is asked to cook for her entire family, it is usually a sign that she is going to be given great responsibility and honor within the family, and she must make sure her entire clan and her entire community are extremely happy with this arrangement. In some families, the girl who cooks for her entire clan is called “Armenian kuda”, or the “chief cook”.


One of the more unique traditions that an Armenian bride may follow is to wear a certain type of headgear. The most popular of these is the “mahogany headband”, which is thought to have been developed in Egypt around 4000 BC. Today, many Armenian brides still use this type of headgear, which can be seen in pictures on various social media websites throughout the world. If you are planning on dating an Armenian lady, it would definitely be worth your while to take a few extra moments to look at some photos of traditional jewelry worn by Armenian brides from the past, as some of them can provide some insight into what type of attire you should expect for your wedding day.